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Bathroom Remodel Philadelphia

bathroom remodel philadelphia

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As objects that are used everyday, bathtubs tend to be one of the most important objects of your bathroom. However, when you go out and look for bathroom remodeling Philadelphia PA, it could very quickly become a daunting task to choose from the numerous types of bathtubs that are available nowadays. It is important that you understand the types of bathtubs that are currently available and start working with your architect as soon as possible to select the correct type of bathtub for your bathroom. Alcove bathtubs are common in residential environments. These are the common bathtub and shower combinations that you see in most of the houses. These are hence the simplest types that are usually bought.

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Since they fit well in a three walled space, they are great for space optimization if you have a small bathroom. The front or the exposed side of the bathtub is then finished with a tub apron to make it look appealing.

bathroom remodel philadelphia

These often come in standard lengths of five feet, however, they come anywhere in the range of about four feet to 6 feet.  When looking for bathroom remodeling Philadelphia, PA, it is very common to come across drop-in bathtubs. These are also known as either undermount or deck mounted bathtubs.

bathroom remodel philadelphia

These are similar to free-standing bathtubs in that they don’t need three walls to support them. These usually require a built up structure to support them. However, having no walls supporting this type of a tub allows for better flexibility in the shape of the tub, like corner, hourglass shape, oval as well as rectangle.

These tubs can easily be installed in the middle of a room, making it look modern. However, they might require more floor space compared to alcove bathtubs.

Free-standing bathtubs are another common type of tubs when it comes to a bathroom remodeling. These tubs are also known as soaking bathtubs. These types of tubs are completely independent of walls and support structures. These could easily become the focal point of a room since they would be in the middle of the room without anything surrounding them. However, it may be a challenge to figure out how to hide the plumbing that comes to these tubs, since there is nothing surrounding them that could hide the plumbing. You could find a solution by embracing the exposed faucets and fixtures by giving them an antique look.

Another type of bathtubs that are commonly found are the sunken ones. As the name suggests, these types of bathtubs are submerged into the floor, rather than leaving them exposed on the top. However, if you require this type of a tub, it would require immense planning while working with an architecture in order to make sure that all the aspects are covered beforehand.

You could also choose from a variety of materials for your bathtubs. The most common are acrylic, cast iron and steel, with acrylic being used in abundance. These are non porous and have a smooth surface, which makes them easy to clean. These are also very easy to manufacture, making them the cheapest option to make a bathtub out of, hence their popularity.

bathroom remodel philadelphia

Although steel and cast iron are more expensive, they are more durable and could be really heavy, requiring extra reinforcement of your bathroom floor. These materials also stay colder compared to acrylic, making the water easily cooler.

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