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Bathroom Remodeling Philadelphia PA

bathroom remodeling philadelphia pa

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Although it is common for your plumbers to choose your shower fixtures for you, you might also like to have some say in what kind of shower you want. However once you start looking at catalogs for ideas for bathroom design Philadelphia, it could be really easy to get confused at all the types of showers and their materials that are available. Although your plumber should be able to guide you through what shower will suit your bathroom and your needs the best, it is good to have a basic knowledge of what kinds of showers there are and what methods they use to deliver water to you. First up are the electric showers. If you live in a house where you do not have easy access to hot water because of the absence of a central water heating system, sweat not.

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These are the types of showers you would want to go for. These showers have an in built heating element that can readily convert the cold water into hot water on demand. This helps you get away with the lack of a centralized water heating system, and saves you some precious bucks on energy costs.

bathroom remodeling philadelphia pa

Although since these showers heat the water on demand, they would require a slower flow rate of water so they can heat the water. However, there are showers available with higher power ratings that have a more powerful heating element that could heat the water much faster, allowing for a better flow rate.

bathroom remodeling philadelphia pa

If you have ready access to hot water, and have a centralized water heating system, you should opt for mixer showers. As the name suggests, these types of showers can readily mix the hot and cold water together to give you the optimal water temperature that you may want.

However, these showers should be installed directly to both the hot and cold water supply of your building, and this could require some prior planning. Since these showers do not require heating water on demand, and have ready access to heated water, they tend to have much better flow rates compared to electric showers.

With more and more appliances becoming “smart”, it was only a matter of time before your showers became smart too. With the availability of digital showers, you now have the option to use either wireless remote controls or an app on your smartphone to preset your shower temperature before you even get into your bathroom. You can even start the flow of water using the said methods to quickly warm up your water before you enter the shower to have a bath. Although this saves you time, do keep in mind that turning the water on beforehand could lead to a lot of water wastage should you forget to get in the shower quickly.

Last but not the least, ADA compliant showers allow for persons with disabilities to easily access the showers, with the capability of allowing the wheelchairs to roll in directly or these could also be installed as transfer showers. It is important to note that if the bathroom needs to be ADA compliant, it needs to have a 3 foot X 3 foot clearance area, no matter what type of shower it is.

bathroom remodeling philadelphia pa

Make sure you check these details while working with your bathroom designer.

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